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Founded in March 2011, Under The Mango Tree was initiated with the idea to help international artists set foot into the competitive art market of Berlin. Over the last 10 years the gallery has produced more than 40 exhibitions with artists  from all over the world. The gallery sees itself as a space of exploration, and is therefore open to a wide range of artistic expression, ranging from diverse plastics, sculptures, paintings and installations to photography and video art. 

Under The Mango Tree stands for tolerance, integration and the will to always explore new ideas. Beyond the exhibitions the gallery tries to foster political and cultural discourse from a grassroots level by initiating public discussions and lectures on topics connected to power, identity and migration. 

The Gallery is indebted to the countless collaborators and the growing community that supports the production of the cultural work. With many years to come we hope that we can provide a positive space for cultural reflection in the heart of Berlin. 

Mini Kapur, Creative Director

Gathered her degree in Fine Arts from The Delhi College of Arts in 1984. Following her graduation she lead a daughter magazine of Times of India before she migrated to Berlin in 1989. After several commercial graphic design projects and work in the cultural field she decided to open her own gallery in 2011.

Mentions in the Media


taz, Brigitte Werneburg


Tagesspiegel, Nicola Kuhn

Das Trauma Wegmalen

Under The Mango tree

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