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Bodies without Organs*

Gabi Schillig + Lila Chitayat , Under The Mango Tree 18 €

Cover_Bodies Without Organs

Lila Chitayat, Gabi Schillig, Under The Mango Tree 2021

28 pages, with essays

18 €


Using the exhibition project Bodies Without Organs in the gallery UNDER THE MANGO TREE, the artists Lila Chitayat (* 1970) and Gabi Schillig (* 1977) explore the relationship between space, body and sculpture. Three fragments that occupy the exhibition space as “satellites” were transferred as an idea from Tel Aviv to Berlin for the project. Their use is open: you can sit on them, touch them, relate your own body to them. In this universal space for communication and action, encounters with a hybrid organism can take place on a multi-sensory level. Chitayat and Schillig overcome supposed spatial boundaries and place the body in an intuitive relationship to the environment and material, to explore the relationship between interior and exterior, the architectural and corporal aspects, challenging the body‘s behavior within this space and the intangible emotions it evokes.

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Under The Mango tree

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