Sa. 15. April 2023, 16:30 - 18:30


Where feelings transform to Knowledge. Over a cup of tea.

Tea is beyond being just a drink. It is associated as a medium of human communication, inspiration, creativity and culture.

*Single Teapot ©QuanRongGallery

For web, Vertical frame
©Martin Keil/ Under The Mango Tree

Lavia Lin (abstract artist)

Sat. April 15th, 2023. 16:30 - 18:30

Minimum Donation of 10 € per person – every age level.
Limited seats Registration:


Human communication, inspiration, creativity and culture: ART TEA LAB is about much more than just a cup of tea. Together we want to discover new things, exchange perspectives and create great encounters.
This is an experience that invites curiosity about our feelings, especially when we interact with art. An experiment to observe every emotion that you experience when you come into an art gallery, look around, and with the tea specially brewed for you – you allow your feelings the space to be and to have the power to exchange perspectives and create new encounters. You allow yourself to take time.
This experiment on the 15th of April includes the simplicity of just being, a cup of tea brewed in the Chinese traditions by one of the artists of the present exhibition of three Chinese artists. Lavia Lin, an abstract painter who is exhibiting along with Ping Qiu, an installation artist, and Zhou Lei, a sculptor, would share some personal insights while brewing the tea for us. Let this cup of tea guide you to an inner journey of observing art, finding your connection to it, and sharing your revelations.
This could also be a trial to see what does a piece of art mean for you.
Moderated by Mini Kapur
This is open to people of all ages.
Limited places. Registration requested:
Minimum Donation of 10 € per person – every age level.
Under The Mango tree

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