Thursday 02.05.24 @ 20:00 - Doors 19:30

Alaa Zouiten (oud)
Amine Mesnaoui (p)

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© courtesy Amine Mesnaoui und Alaa Zouiten / Grafik Under The Mango Tree

Alaa Zouiten (oud) and Amine Mesnaoui (p)

Thursday, 02.05.24 @ 20:00 - doors 19:30

Gallery Under The Mango Tree
Merseburger Str. 14, 10823

About the Artists

Alaa Zouiten was born in Casablanca, Morocco. There he began his musical career as a master on the oud. Carrying the heritage of both classical Arabic music and traditional Moroccan music, Alaa has found a home in the metropolis of Berlin. Working with musicians from diverse backgrounds, he has made it his mission to create a modern soundscape inspired by all the world’s musical traditions, where there is no hierarchy of styles or cultures. The oud speaks different musical languages and only the beauty of the music counts!

Syncretic, deep and spiritual, the creative universe of Amine „simourgh“ Mesnaoui is inspired by his cultural cross roots of the African and the European continents, and by the resistant movement of Free Jazz. He brings together the traditional African rhythms and arabic melodies of Morocco, occidental written tradition and improvisation in his sound performances. The Berlin based composer and pianist Andreas Schmidt describes him as „a master of improvisation from scratch“.

Under The Mango tree

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