16. März 2022, 19:30

Jazz Concert

Ray Blue and Amelie Zapf - Tickets (15 €/10 €)

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Amelie Zapf (Piano) and Ray Blue (Saxophone)

Wed. March 16th, 2022 @19:30

Regular 15€ / Reduced 10€

About the Artists

Amelie Protscher (née Zapf) is a multi-instrumentalist and singer based in Berlin, Germany. She plays piano, guitar and electric bass on an equally professional level and also handles other keyed, stringed and percussive instruments, among them organ, Fender Rhodes piano, keyboards, banjo, and mandolin.

In recent years, she devoted a great deal of her attention to the art of solo jazz piano, particularly the „three-handed“ co-linear approach pioneered by Dave McKenna, and is one of the few Germans actively using, and teaching, this fascinating method.

Ray Blue is a soulful and tender saxophonist, composer and music educator. He is part of the New York scene and tours internationally. He has a big warm sound that captures you and holds you tight. He has 7 releases with his most recent projects on Jazzheads. His latest release Work remained on the Jazz Week Chart for more than two months, peaking at #7, and his holiday single, soon to be a classic, Have Yourself A Merry Little Christmas topped off at #2. Ray is earning considerable attention in the U.S. and Europe with his stellar band and his heartfelt soloing. 


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