Sun 28.07.24 @ 15-18:00

Workshop: Moving Perspectives

Dance and Painting Workshop with artist Lavia Lin and dancer Elsa Rousson

Tickets from 25€
(includes Painting materials, refreshments and snacks are included in the price.

©Courtesy Lavia Lin/Elsa Rousson

Lavia Lin and Elsa Rousson

Sunday, 28 July 2024 @ 15-18:00

Gallery Under The Mango Tree
Merseburger Str. 14, 10823

About the Workshop

How does the political and social context you live in influence your relation to yourself and the world? Would you sometimes wonder about your identity?

In the exhibition „In Multiplicity“, currently on display at the Gallery Under the Mango Tree, the Jamaican/German artist – Barbara Walker shares profound stories of migration, social history, identity, body and self awareness . While the exhibition invites viewers to introspect and explore the complexities of histories while navigating the past and present, it also hints that the future depends on how we interact with the present.

Experimenting with deep information channels that include Meditation, observing, intuition, imagination and body memory as vitals to creating one’s own path, “Moving perspectives “ is an interactive workshop conducted by Lavia Lin ( artist ) and Elsa Rousson ( dancer) inviting participants to explore those themes through unique dance and painting interaction that delves into identity, acceptance, positivity, and the appreciation of one’s own personal history.

Through creative exploration, you will engage in a dialogue with Walker’s artworks, merging movements with colors to ignite the light within yourself. This workshop is a way to enhance the possibility to understand ourselves and appreciate the presence of the other, our intertwining personal and political narratives, and experiencing the story of art.

Price: Individual ticket, pay what you can: 25 to 30€* (Pay the amount you would like to support our work)

  • To avoid transaction fee, you can paypal us ( and please choose “friends & family“ thank you!)

*Painting materials, refreshments and snacks are included in the price

What to bring: For the dancing part, you only need comfortable clothes. For the painting part, you can bring an old t-shirt or apron that you don’t mind getting dirty. You are welcome to bring any artistic materials you would like to use; otherwise, materials will be provided on site.

Under The Mango tree

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