Indian Storytellers II

Soham Gupta | Manoj Kumar Jain | Ranbir Kaleka | Dinesh Khanna Amit Pasricha | Cop Shiva - 06. November 2021 - 22. January 2022


Under the Mango Tree is delighted to present ‘Indian Storytellers’, a group exhibition of photography and the photo-based works of Ranbir Kaleka, Dinesh Khanna, Soham Gupta, Amit Pasricha, Manoj Jain, and Cop Shiva. The works in the exhibition almost imperceptibly shift the inevitable associations to Indian sojourns and reinterpret people, their life, offering you a view from the gaze of experienced insiders. Each one of the artists in his own way challenges the stereotypical image of India in the West, insisting on a collaborative dialog, while concentrating on sharing the power of image making.

From focusing on the colour in rural and urban spaces to the surrealist depiction of a post-colonial Eden, the artists express a kaleidoscope of an Indian story. This is a story, which continues to be cha- racterised by traditional values, the fragility of transformation, and an imagination evolving through technological development and a wider world of communication.

Family in South India, 2012
56.5 x 23 cm , Edition No.: 2 / 10
©Amit Pasricha / UTMT

Exemplary Works

Woman with Jewellery, 2005
Village Benur in Bastar, India
43 x 63.5 cm, Edition No.: 1/5
©Manoj Kumar Jain / UTMT 

City and Human, 2020
29 x 43 cm, Edition No.: 1/10
©Dinesh Khanna / UTMT

Without Title,
61 x 45.5 cm
©Cop Shiva / UTMT

Chair and the Pillar , 1993
34.5 x 52 cm
©Dinesh Khanna / UTMT

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