the forgotten frames

Manoj Kumar Jain , 15. May - 16. July 2021


We take pride in presenting our new Exhibition „the forgotten frames“ by Manoj Kumar Jain which com- memorates 10 years of our Gallery. For the exhibition, the photographer introduces audiences to a simple world of people of Bastar, a small society which still led a rather unspoiled and tradition loaded life deep in the forests. Between 2002 and 2008, Manoj Kumar Jain travelled several times to this destination and spent approximately 150 days in this remote area. His forgotten frames add up to a portrait of a very parti- cular society, its everyday life, its traditions and above all its individuals.

A selected number of analogue black and white photographs presented in the gallery are postcolonial, they come from an Indian inside perspective, yet they reflect neither an analytic or a mere documentary view. As visitors explore, they would witness the photographer ́s interest towards the formalistic art approaches. „His eyes seem to deconstruct the image into forms and lines and sometimes his compositional ideas even turn into drawings.” – Dr. Uta Ruhkamp, Curator, Wolfsburg Museum observes. „There is an element of harmony in his photography, if not a search for it.“ she explains further in her essay Tales of truth written for the catalog for this exhibition.

Inspired by the tradition of simple living, Manoj Kumar Jains talent lies not only in his compositional frames, but also in staying close to the people he captures. These portraits speak of waiting, surveying, of temporarily becoming part of a society, of earning trust. His body of work captures a world in transformation, both in seemingly timeless beauty and in a beauty that has very little time left .

Deer-horn Dancer
Village Bahigaon, Bastar, India 2008
61 x 84 cm, Edition No.: 1/5
©Manoj Kumar Jain / UTMT

Exemplary Works

Man with prized possession
Village Bade Donger, Bastar, India 2005
83 x 61 cm , Edition No.: 2/5 ©Manoj Kumar Jain / UTMT 

Boy with Peacock
Village Pulcha, Bastar, India 2002
43 x 59 cm, Edition No.: 5/5
©Manoj Kumar Jain / UTMT

Man with domesticated peacock
Village Pulcha, Bastar, India 2002. 43 x 59 cm, Edition No.: 2/5
©Manoj Kumar Jain / UTMT

Plate outside a house
Village Devgaon, Bastar, India, 2008
43 x 59 cm , Edition No.: 2/5
©Manoj Kumar Jain / UTMT

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Under The Mango tree

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