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Saurabh Narang, 28. May - 06. August


Meticulously painted, with a fine and thin brush or pencil, the art of Saurabh Narang opens a complete new universe. It is a world of precise lines and curves, which lets us think of scientific and architectural drawings. Every inch of his works is painted with utmost care. It seems, as if nothing is left to chance in his paintings, drawings and digital prints, and nevertheless, they are full of life, colour and surprise. The viewer may discover many hidden details. Every line, and there are plenty, perfect and delicate, is worth a look.

His art lives from geometry. He observes nature, light and light beams with scientific seriousness and curiosity: “Art and physics are two different sides of the same coin”, Saurabh Narang said in early 2007, because “when a beam of light falls on the ground, it makes geometric patterns”. Combining these optical phenomenons of light and shadow with inspirations from constructivism and modernism, the self taught artist creates paintings of a unique, unmistakable hand.

Widely acclaimed, his works have been exhibited in solo and group exhibitions throughout India, the UAE, Greece and Norway. Narang combines and merges the Indian with the Western culture and the achievements of modern art, with emphasis on expressionism and constructivism. In his art, physics and spirituality don’t become dichotomies, but are rather understood as complements. Oscillating between figurative painting and abstract art, his works deal with mysticism, resurgence and deep insights. Through a yearlong intensive process, Saurabh Narang developed a distinctive visual language, which fascinates and delights with its spiritual profundity and technical brilliance.

–  from the essay „The Art Cosmos of Saurabh Narang – between physics and mysticism“ by Sara Tröster Klemm


Intersection at Crossways, 2014
Archival pigment ink on paper
30 x 21 cm
©Saurabh Narang / UTMT

Exemplary Works

a material state of some internal matter. (2012)
pen and ink on paper
42 x 29.7 cm , signed
©Saurabh Narang / UTMT 

subconscious strings for conscious sails, 2018
drawing ink and mechanical graphite drawing pencil on aged preserved paper
50 x 70 cm , signed
©Saurabh Narang / UTMT

Cosmic Karma, 2022
Digital archival print on Hahnemühle paper
64 x 43 cm ©Saurabh Narang / UTMT

signs from four senses for fore shore
mechanical graphite drawing pencil on aged preserved paper
50 x 70 cm
©Saurabh Narang / UTMT

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