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Brinda Dudhat
01. March 2024 - 14. April 2024

Samsara (2023), 191cm x 102cm, Sujni Hand Embroidery © Laxhmi Devi / Brinda Dudhat / Under The Mango Tree


Gallery Under the Mango Tree is proud to present the exhibition Symbiosis, showcasing textile works of Indian artist Brinda Dudhat and her studio Morii Design for the first time in Germany. The works in the exhibition embody a translation of traditional textile craftwork into a contemporary visual language reminiscent of color field abstractionism, or even the woven tapestries of Bauhaus artists Gunta Stölzl and Annie Albers. Refraining from strong tonal contrasts, the unique quality of the works emerges in the thoughtful arrangement and layering of endless lines of intricate stitchwork. Thousands of stitches make up each mesmerizing piece.

Morii’s works are products of a co-creative practice between Brinda and women artisans from nine villages, largely located in India’s north-western state of Gujarat, and spanning five distinct crafts. This exhibition displays works produced in collaboration with artisans of the Jat and the Rabari communities. These artisans bring Brinda’s intuitively produced visions to life, stitching into each piece aesthetic languages developed and practiced across centuries. From this bold and innovative union of deep-rooted craft traditions and contemporary abstract art, emerges a ‘contemporary heritage’. Morii Design is not only a celebration of India’s rich textile heritage, but also a means of reactivating age-old practices increasingly supplanted by copy-markets and mass machine production.

The name Morii is derived from the Japanese term for forest; mori 森 which also carries connotations of spirituality and tranquility. Exposed to Japanese design philosophy during her studies, Brinda works intuitively while taking inspiration from natural environments around her and from her own meditative practice. Fluid and organic geometries, reminiscent of natural forms and movement of wind and water find their way into the meticulously executed works; in their abstraction nonetheless open to the viewer’s interpretation. A reduced color palette and repetitive stitch language lends the works a distinct minimalist tone. As an immersive, meditative experience through time and space, the exhibition reveals a journey through cultural heritage and contemporary art, creativity and community; exploring natural landscapes, dance and the self.

Drawing from extensive experience collaborating with craft communities across India, Brinda is reshaping the convergence of art and design through Morii Design, which she established in 2019. 

Brinda Dudhat (1995) is a textile design graduate from India’s National Institute of Design (NID), Ahmedabad. She lives and works in Gandhinagar in Gujarat, and has exhibited her work mostly in India. 


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Wed-Fri 15:30–18:30
Sat/Sun 13:00–16:30

Kathak (2023), 48cm x 56cm, Sujni Hand Embroidery © Sanju Devi / Brinda Dudhat / Under The Mango Tree

Exemplary Works

Dinanta (2023), 94cm x 107cm © Vajiben Rabari / Brinda Dudhat / Under The Mango Tree

Ananda (2023), 130cm x 100cm © Nandini Devi / Brinda Dudhat / Under The Mango Tree

Lokayata (2023), 107cm x 107cm, Sujni Embroidery over base patchwork © Bittu Devi / Brinda Dudhat / Under The Mango Tree

Chakshugyan (2023), 48cm x 61cm, Sujni Hand Embroidery © Anshu Devi / Brinda Dudhat / Under The Mango Tree

Virtual Exhibition - Symbiosis