Saturday 25.11.23 @ 19:30 Hrs.


Art and Music with Uzi Shtivi and Ensemble Bayat: Raneen Wahby, Mima Millo, Tom Kellner

*Registrations are considered as bought tickets and will be billed if not cancelled 48hrs prior to the concert date

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© Uzi Shtivi / Courtesy UTMT

Uzi Shtivi, Raneen Wahby, Ensemble Bayat

Saturday 25.11.23 @19:30 Hrs.

Regular 15€ / Reduced 12€

About the Artists

A special event of Art and Music
Farben/Colors In Art and Music

Is a captivating journey through the vibrant fusion of colors, music, languages, and cultures. This extraordinary experience is the outcome of a passionate collaboration among three exceptional talents: Uzi Shtivi, a contemporary artist with Ensemble Bayat: Raneen Wahby, Mima Millo, Tom Kellner

Prepare to be enchanted as a seamless connection is artfully woven between the vibrant world of visual arts and the resplendent tapestry of classical music. On this enchanting evening, you will be transported by the allure of 12 exquisite art pieces meticulously crafted by Uzi Shtivi. These masterpieces will be thoughtfully paired with 12 classical compositions, each handpicked and arranged by Raneen Wahby. Drawing from a diverse array of European, Israeli, and Arab composers, among them musical luminaries such as W.A. Mozart, A. Dvorak, F. Hensel-Mendelssohn, Paul Ben Haim, Marc Lavrey, the Rahbani Brothers, and the evocative melodies of Mohamad El Qasabgi.

What makes this event truly remarkable is the deliberate selection of these 12 songs, each representing a distinct culture and performed in one of three unique languages: German, Hebrew, and Arabic. Farben – isn’t just an event; it’s a jubilant celebration of the harmonious coalescence of diversity through the mesmerizing interplay of music and art. Here, every art piece forges an intimate connection with the lyrics and musical nuances of the corresponding songs, offering an experience that transcends the ordinary and wholeheartedly embraces the extraordinary.

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Tickets: Regular 15 € / Students 12 € 

*Registrations are considered as bought tickets and will be billed if not canceled 48 hours prior to the concert date

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