19. Nov. 2022, 18:00

India Salon

TALK AND DISCUSSION | DECISION-MAKING IN INDIA MARRIAGES: plots anxiety and risk subjects | Mirnal Pande

Mrinal Pande

Thur. 18. Nov. 2022 @18:00

5 €, Limited Places


A significant departure from Euro-American ideals of privacy and intimacy, marriages in India are embedded in social processes that are decisively negotiated through a range of actions between heterogeneous actors. Within the burgeoning middle-class in postcolonial Indian society, the discourse of marriage has constantly been reconfigured within an alternative between ‘arranged’ and ‘love’, both modalities co-exist and entail choices and decision-making. Based on an extensive ethnographic fieldwork, Mrinal Pande’s work enquires into how matrimonial decision-making is narrated and what does the story-telling situation reveal about the role of different actors in the process.

Entrance : 5 Limited Places

Participation with Registration : info@utmt.net

Mit freundlicher Unterstützung der Regierenden Bürgermeisterin von Berlin.

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